Remember the outrageous, over-the-top wedding planner Franck (Martin Short) in 'Father of the Bride'? Even though he seems too fabulous to be true, it turns out that Franck was inspired by a real person: Kevin Lee, florist to the stars.

In a world where everyone and his dog has a reality TV show, it's surprising that the delightfully wacky Mr. Lee hasn't found his way onto the small screen before now. You can catch him each week on the new Slice TV show 'Brides of Beverly Hills,' starring his frequent collaborator Renee Strauss of the famed gown shop to the stars, Renee Strauss for the Bride.

Between the two, Lee and Strauss have worked on weddings for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Christina Aguilera, Heather Locklear and Diane Keaton.
Moviefone caught up with the fun duo to chat about everything from 'bridezillas' to Martin Short to Xtina's three-day wedding extravaganza. And don't worry -- we got the inside scoop on Brad and Jen's big day, too. You might be surprised by who handled the details on that one!

Moviefone: What can we expect from the show?
Renee Strauss: You can expect lots of boobs and lots of laughter.

Kevin Lee: Lots of excitement and crazy moments! We're living in Hollywood, this is La La Land! Everything goes here.

Kevin, how often will we see you on the show?
KL: Every single episode! It's going to be great, non?

Kevin, how did you find out they were basing a character on you in 'Father of the Bride'? Did you act as a consultant for the movie?
KL: Well, I am like the role of the Franck. That's who I am.

Did you work with Martin Short?
KL: Oh yes, definitely. He's a nice man, we had a great time together. I had a ball with him.

I've got to ask about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's wedding. What was it like working on that?
KL: Omigod, it was sooooo magnficient. It was like a dreamland. It was so fabulous. I mean, there was no budget, pretty much. It was incredible and Brad Pitt was so sweet and nice. He had a vision and it was a really fabulous wedding.

So, he was involved and he had a vision for even the flowers?
KL: Oh, definitely. He had all the ideas. He is definitely a style guy. I was totally shocked. He was more involved than Jen. He decided everything. The theme, the décor, the flowers, you name it. He was very detail-oriented. He went through the guest list and looked at the ceremony area, and said, "You know what, we should have a bunch of flowers in between the seats. Why don't you put a bunch of blooming rose bushes around the seats?" We did it and it was so magnificent. Since then I've been doing all of my weddings that way! He was my inspiration! [Laughs]

Speaking of that, how often do we see grooms on the show? Are there any hands-on grooms?
RS: You see grooms and then you see guys with the brides, and you're never sure if they're the groom or just the best friend. There are men in every episode.

KL: I've seen some handsome guys! [Laughs]

Are there any meltdowns on the show?
You know what, there are. But you really have to watch to see. There are emotions running high and low, laughter, tears and excitement. It's all very emotion-flooded.

How do you two stay calm throughout it all?
KL: Of course we know how to control ourselves! [Laughs]

RS: Who says we stay calm?! [Laughs] We're crazy. We're crazier than everybody else. But we've got great staff. When you're a good delegator, you can temper the situation. You can lose it, but nobody around you on the payroll is allowed to lose it. So that's where we get away with it.

It must be very stressful. How do you keep the pressure from getting to you?
KL: We know how to juggle! That's what we do!

Will we get to see any of your personal lives?
RS: A little bit, yes. And it's kind of funny. There's a running joke throughout the show, and you'll see how it turns out. There's a very famous plastic surgeon that's a guest star on the show. You'll see.

Both of you have done so many weddings. Do you have any favorites?
KL: Well of course! The wedding that I loved the most in recent years was Christina Aguilera's wedding. It was really spectacular. It was so fabulous. We had three separate nights and three separate days. It was incredible. The first night was like a night in Paris, very Versailles. The second night the theme was a night in Tokyo, it was Japanese, Asian-y, really fun. The third night was a winter Wonderland theme. It was really spec-tac-u-LAR!

RS: The most incredible wedding I ever did was at the Vatican in Rome. I've done two amazing Italian weddings. One was the one at the Vatican, for the family that's the largest importer of Italian wine and vinegar into the United States, and the other is the Barilla pasta family. Very interesting family, they got married up north in the lake district of Italy, both families flew me out to do their weddings.

Is there anything else you'd like to add about the show?
KL: This is going to be the most fabulous show you have ever watched! It's going to be so much fun. We are so excited!

'Brides of Beverly Hills' premieres Thursday, June 16 at 9:30PM ET on Slice TV in Canada.
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