It's no secret that we think Tom Hardy is kind of a big deal. Don't believe us? Check out our top five reasons why Tom Hardy is the next big thing. So you can imagine our excitement when we were offered the exclusive poster debut for his latest flick, 'Warrior.'

Hardy stars as Tommy Conlon, an ex-Marine who enters a Mixed Martial Arts tournament in order to win a cash prize. Tommy's schoolteacher brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton) wants a shot at the prize money and decides to enter the contest too. With their father (Nick Nolte) playing coach to Tommy, the competition soon becomes quite the family affair.

We're not sure who wins, but one look at the poster and it's clear that both of the guys know their way around a ring.

Head below the jump to see the poster in all its glory. You can thank us later.

See? We told you.

'Warrior' is directed by Gavin O'Connor, who knows a thing or two about inspirational sports dramas. (Please tell us we weren't the only ones who cried during 'Miracle,' one of Gavin's earlier films.) 'Warrior' looks like it has a similar feel, so come prepared with the Kleenex when it hits theaters on September 9, 2011.

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A war veteran and his estranged brother clash in a mixed-martial-arts tournament. Read More