Sorry, your explosions are no good here.

On Tuesday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences denied stunt coordinators the right to an Oscar category in recognition of their work. According to The Hollywood Reporter, stunt coordinator Jack Gill, who has been leading the 20-year effort to get coordinators recognized by the Academy, said, "I will try again next year and gather more and more support."

Stunt coordinators are hired to design stunts like car chases and fight scenes, which are then performed by the stunt performers. Yet despite their importance to the film industry, only one stunt performer in history got an Academy Award, and it was more honorary than anything else. (Yakima Canutt was given the Oscar for helping develop safety devices to protect stuntmen.)

Hit the jump to see the Academy's statement on the controversial move: lockquote> Stunt coordinators play an important role in many movie productions and the Academy currently honors those at the very top of their craft by inviting them to become Academy members. While the Board recognizes that stunt coordinators make unique contributions to filmmaking, it voted against instituting a new annual category." It seems like it's about time for these guys to get the recognition they deserve. If we can find room to nominate up to 10 movies for Best Picture, we should at least be able to squeeze in a stunt coordinator category. After all, can you imagine an action movie without, well, action?

What do you think: Lame move by the Academy, or is this just another superfluous award?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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