Now this is what you call method acting. For his upcoming film 'Argo,' director Ben Affleck has decided to take a very realistic approach to help better prepare his cast for their role: by having them all live like hostages.

According to Vulture, six actors will be forced to live together for half a month before shooting starts to help recreate "the claustrophobic and tense conditions" that their real-life counterparts had to endure during the Iranian hostage crisis. (Sounds like a reality show in the making if you ask us.)

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The film 'Argo' is based on the Iranian hostage crisis. After the U.S. embassy fell in 1979, 66 Americans were trapped inside for more than a year. However, six were able to escape, eventually getting help from the Canadians who hid them in their own embassy. In order to extract them, the CIA decided to concoct an elaborate plan that presented these six as part of a Hollywood film crew scouting a fake movie. The idea was to not only save these six escapees but also to use it as a distraction for the U.S. to save the remaining hostages in the American embassy. (We swear we are not making any of this up.)

Alan Arkin is the first person to sign on to Affleck's film.

What do you think of the "hostage" training method?
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