Remember last year when those Mel Gibson tapes were released and everyone thought his career was finished? Well, it looks like the filmmaker may be making a comeback. Although his last film, 'The Beaver,' earned him critical praise, it did poorly at the box office. Yet Hollywood is still interested in the troubled actor-director.

After being dropped by William Morris last summer, agencies are apparently looking to sign Gibson. But that's not the only good news for Mel. Hit the jump to see what else may be in store for him.
Gibson has already been offered a role in 'Sleight of Hand,' a heist movie starring Kiefer Sutherland and Til Schweiger. He's also been discussing the possibility of making a movie based on the Randall Wallace novel 'Love and Honor' (Wallace wrote Gibson's 'Braveheart'). On top of that, Gibson just finished a film, which he both acted in and produced, called 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation.'

So what do you think of the possibility of Mel Gibson returning to the big screen? Would you go see a movie with him in it now?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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