Ryan Reynolds is one of rare actors that women swoon over but who still retains his cred with regular guys. He's funny, he's a smartass, he's really easy-on-the-eyes and those washboard abs don't hurt his appeal at all. In fact, to be honest, I've sat through more than one film just for a glimpse of that famous six-pack.

Luckily, Reynolds takes his shirt off in just about every film he's ever done. Unluckily, some of these films have been pretty damn awful, like 'Blade: Trinity.' But take a look at the still above and there's all the reason you need to watch. (And rewatch.)

While you ponder (or possibly regret) your decision to see Ryan in the critically slammed 'Green Lantern,' let's revisit some of the movies he (and mostly he alone) made worth watching.
1. 'Blade: Trinity' (2004)
I had the good fortune to cover this premiere and at the after party, all the women were grabbing each other's arms and gasping over those scenes of badass and ultra-buff vamp hunter Reynolds, shirtless and in chains. Who cares that the movie is easily the worst 'Blade,' film, that Wesley Snipes has already left the building and Dominic Purcell (loved you on 'Prison Break,' dude) is no one's idea of a compelling Dracula. That's what the fast-forward (and pause) button is for. Watch the Ryan-in-chains scene here. (Language is NSFW.)

2. 'Amityville Horror' (2005)
This version updates the '70s horror classic with some creepier, 'Grudge'-type ghosts and a less-than-great 'Poltegeist'-like explanation of all the creepy goings-on. Thank god Ryan takes his shirt off while he's busy being possessed by that evil-eyed house. For you Ryan-oglers, this clip is all you need to see: Sex scene (interrupted by ghost) at 2:23, extended shirtless "what was that noise?" scene at 9:45, and a chopping-firewood-in-just-his-pajama-bottoms scene at 12:13. Enjoy.

3. 'Waiting...' (2005)
You've seen this because a) you're a disgruntled waiter/waitress, b) you're a Dane Cook completist (he plays a surly chef), or c) Ryan Reynolds is in it. Despite the premise (bored restaurant employees try to trick each other into looking at their genitals), there are no, repeat, no naughty bits belonging to Reynolds on display. Still, he makes us laugh and that is always worth a tune-in. (This whole Ryan crush is not just about his abs.) Watch Ryan pour on the charm with a beastly customer here.

4. 'Smokin' Aces' (2006)
Okay, to be fair, this movie is only partly crappy. Like, that spastic boy who torments a bullet-riddled Martin Henderson and deserves a few bullets of his own. It did get scathing reviews, but this assassins-packed action flick -- with a cast including Alicia Keys, Ben Affleck and Matthew Fox -- is also a lot of fun. Reynolds isn't shirtless or the comic relief here (that role goes to Chis Pine as one of the meth-addicted Tremor Brothers), but a smart FBI agent who steals the movie in the "Aha!" final scene.

5. 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' (2009)
If you tune in late, you'll miss Reynolds as mercenary Wade Wilson, who wields two mean blades and some nice guns. (By which, I mean, those beefy biceps.) Of course, shallow fangirls like me also tuned in for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. Despite the ample eye-candy, the movie itself was a misdirected mess. Reynolds is supposed to have his own Wade Wilson/Deadpool spin-off next year, which has got to be better than this clunkily titled entry.

Since I'm not much of a rom-com fan, even Reynolds couldn't get me to watch 'Just Friends.' Fess up: What less-than-great films have you watched just because he was in them?