Author and 'Spider-Man 2' scribe Michael Chabon has just been tasked with writing 'Magic Kingdom.' He will replace Ron Moore, who wrote the initial draft of the film but eventually dropped out. The movie centers around famous attractions and characters in Disney's flagship theme park coming to life. Set to direct is Jon Favreau, whose 'Cowboys & Aliens' will be released on July 29.

While a movie that explores the wonderful world of the Magic Kingdom sounds like a childhood dream come true, that's nothing compared to what Favreau has been doing to prepare for the flick.

Hit the jump to see the fun things Favreau's 'Magic Kingdom' research entails.
The director was lucky enough to be invited for an 'after dark tour' at the Magic Kingdom with the Imagineering team (the group who comes up with and designs everything in the park) where he got to go behind the scenes of all the famous rides and attractions. Favreau was even able to check out Walt Disney's old apartment over the fire station in the park, which is filled with old memorabilia and keepsakes.

What Magic Kingdom ride would you want a behind the scenes tour of?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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