Comic books and movies, both visual mediums, seem like a natural fit, but it took Hollywood a long time to fully embrace its Spandex-clad cousins. With 'Thor,' 'X-Men: First Class' and now 'Green Lantern' currently in theaters simultaneously -- and with 'Captain America''s release just around the corner -- it's official: Comic books have taken over the movies.

To investigate this trend, Moviefone visited downtown Manhattan's Forbidden Planet, a comics Mecca in the Big Apple, to find out which side fans are taking -- Marvel or DC -- as their brewing battle gets closer and closer to the big showdown next summer, when Marvel's 'The Avengers' goes head-to-head with DC's 'The Dark Knight Rises.' Along the way, we'll ask such mind-benders as who's the better villain, Magneto or the Joker? And could Batman really take down Wolverine?

All these and more, in this Moviefone video exclusive.

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