Martin Landau has about half a dozen movies in the works these days, including a reunion with Tim Burton, who directed Landau's Oscar-winning performance in 'Ed Wood.' Not a bad to-do list for an actor who turned 83 this week (June 20 to be precise).

It's apt that Landau's signature role is Rollin Hand, the master of disguise on TV's 'Mission: Impossible.' After all, as an actor, Landau has been a total chameleon. He's hard to pin down and has an intuitive grasp of character. Even his TV guest spots and his small character parts in forgettable movies feel thoroughly lived-in. He was known early in his career for playing sneering villains, but as he has aged, he's played wise, avuncular types as well, though they're also often men with a few tricks up their sleeves.

Landau has worked with many of film's greatest directors, from Alfred Hitchcock to George Stevens to Francis Ford Coppola to Woody Allen to Burton. Here's a look back at some of the best work of his six-decade career, as well as what's next for the still-busy octogenarian.