When a new movie's coming out, the expected thing for a celebrity to do is hit the press junkets, answer some questions on the red carpet, and smile politely on as many talk shows they can while answering the same questions over and over. And that's fine, we're used to that, but it's great to see a celebrity mix things up once in a while. So with the July 1 release of his upcoming film 'Larry Crowne' readily approaching, Tom Hanks does just that and has himself a time in the process.

In a move taken right out of Bob Harris' notebook, Tom Hanks went and made a guest appearance on Univision's 'Despierta America' yesterday morning where he did a surprisingly good job of breaking through the language barrier before getting dragged in front of a green screen to help out with the weather forecast. With no teleprompter to read off of and no real clue as to what's going on, what does Tom do? Why he dances, of course, and it is amazing.

Hit the jump to see the Tom cut some rug while giving us the high for the day in Detroit. meta charset="utf-8" />

Hanks later Tweeted: "Gotta love Univision! What a fun hour that was, peppers for breakfast! Que bueno! Hanx"

And better yet, this isn't even Hanks' first time on Univision:

Just two more reasons why we wish Tom Hanks would run for President, and we actually do want to see 'Larry Crowne' now. Every other celebrity on the planet: start taking notes.

So let's hear it: how awesome was that?

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