Ron Howard wants to direct a big-screen version of 'Spy vs. Spy,' the Mad magazine cartoon where two bomb-toting spies -- one dressed in white, one in black -- engage in endless, absurd battle.

The film will be a "highly visual action comedy," more along the lines of, say, early John Woo than 'Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever,' we hope.

The classic comic, which began in the '60s, hasn't been made into a movie before, although it was the inspiration for Woo's 'The Killer,' with its frequent, iconic stand-offs between cop and assassin.

'Spy vs. Spy' has also been turned into a TV series (see a clip after the jump), a board game and three video games.

Don't hold your breath for this spy extravaganza any time soon. Howard's also considering directing, 'Premium Rush,' a Formula One racing pic, and is still attached to an ambitious adaptation of Steven King's 'The Dark Tower.'

In an interview given to commemorate Imagine's 25th anniversary, Howard and partner Brian Grazer said they are determined to make 'The Dark Tower' early next year, even if they have to leave Universal to do it.

Can a live action version of 'Spy vs. Spy' work? And which project would you like to see Howard do next?

[via Deadline]
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