About time John Cusack got himself an image change and stopped getting rained on.

From what we've gathered thus far, 'The Raven' takes place in 19th-century England and centers around Edgar Allan Poe as a detective trying to hunt down a serial killer who bases his murders on Poe's stories. Sounds like there's a good chance that this'll take some historical liberties, but considering all the crazy, grim stuff that Poe put to paper before his death, it also sounds kind of cool.

Directed by James McTeigue ('V for Vendetta') and set for a March 9, 2012 release date and co-starring Alice Eve, Luke Evans and Brendan Gleeson, can't say we aren't intrigued by a mix of 'From Hell' and 'Seven.'

Hit the jump for the full image.

Not sure how crazy Poe would have been about the goatee, but all in all, Cusack's got the look and he's making it ominous.

What do you think: Sounds interesting, or sounds stupid?

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The Raven
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Edgar Allan Poe and a detective hunt a serial killer who is basing his crimes on Poe's works. Read More

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