With his film 'Captain America: The First Avenger' poised to open on July 22, director Joe Johnston is talking about the first time he made a retro comic-book movie: 1991's 'The Rocketeer.'

In an interview with FilmJournal, Johnston says, "I'd love to make a sequel to 'The Rocketeer.' The film didn't do as well at the box office as we all hoped, but it has endured and generated a following."

The jet-pack-wearing hero who battles Nazis was played by a young Bill Campbell; Jennifer Connelly and Timothy Dalton co-starred.

"It was great fun and I'd love to re-explore Cliff Secord's world," Johnston says of the character based on the comics of Dave Stevens.
He professes his love of the '30s and '40s era, in which both adventures take place: "I've always loved the visual elements of the period: the cars, architecture, clothing, and the overall sense of style that we seem to have lost. As a society we used to seem to care what things looked like. We took care to build beauty and passion into the world around us, and decisions didn't seem to be based on the bottom line."

Speaking of the bottom line, he's hoping 'Captain America' will be a hit, of course. "More than anything, I want everyone in the audience to sink into the alternate reality of the 1940s, enjoy the ride and come out of the theater humming the 'Captain America' theme," says the director. "The movie is a helluva lot of fun."

Would you like to see a 'Rocketeer' sequel? Who should play Cliff, or would you rather see the jet-pack go to someone new?

[via FilmJournal]
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