Have you ever left a movie theater and thought to yourself, Man, I could have written a better movie than the crap I just saw. Lucky for you, it's that easy! Well, that is if you follow the advice in Esquire's interview with funnymen Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, the writers behind 'Night at the Museum.'

For this piece, Garant and Lennon were given recent headlines from Google news then asked to come up with an idea for a movie based on said headlines. Here are a few of the hilarious stories they concocted:
Anthony Weiner:
In the same vain as 'Animal House.' It's a spring break movie that starts down in New Orleans after the end of the Republican National Convention. Your Flounder character is a 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'-type guy. He believes in honor and duty and then he gets up to Washington and finds out it's all beer funnels and sexting. At the end of the film, Air Force One is missing. So, Anthony Weiner ends up being president.

The twenty-two rules of backyard Wiffle ball (from the Wall Street Journal)
Starring Kevin James and Adam Sandler. They grew up on the same street in Boston and there's a Wiffle ball game they didn't finish in 1979. They decide as adults to settle it once and for all. Kevin James is a fireman, and he's held it as a grudge his whole life that Adam Sandler is now a major-league pitcher. But Sandler is having a terrible year at the mound, and discovers that it's because he's had this inferiority complex about Kevin James his entire life. So they organize a Wiffle ball game to settle it.

Greek parliament approves details of austerity vote.
It's a romantic comedy starring Nia Vardalos. She's on a scooter and she meets this sort of hunky guy -- played by Gerard Butler -- who works on a fishing boat, but he only speaks Greek. However, it turns out this fishermen is actually a Greek god from Mount Olympus. The couple then goes to Brooklyn on a scooter and they play lots of ABBA.

Do you guys have a better movie idea? Let us know in the comments!

[via Esquire]
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