It's been awhile since we have heard from the husband-and-wife team behind 'Napoleon Dynamite,' Jared and Jershua Hess. After the rise of their 2004 cult film, the duo went on to make 'Nacho Libre' and 'Gentlemen Broncos,' neither of which did too well, critically or commercially. Now Jershua is planning on stepping out on her own, and she's getting a little help from one of the biggest writers today: Stephenie Meyer.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Meyer has signed on to produce Jershua's solo directorial debut, 'Austenland.' Starring Keri Russell and Bret McKenzie (from 'Flight of the Conchords'), the movie follows a woman who spends her life savings to visit a resort for Jane Austen–crazed woman.

Would you guys go see another movie from the creator of 'Napoleon Dynamite'?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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