Today on indieWIRE, the indie community talks film school, 'Project Nim' leads the weekend, Ted Hope's Questions for New Filmmakers, Reykjavik calls for young talent, and more.

  • We Ask The Indie Film Community to respond to Monday's New York Times article that professed to take the pulse of film school -- the students, their expectations and the results of their education.
  • From the Oscar-winning team behind 'Man on Wire,' 'Project Nim' looks to be one of the summer's most acclaimed documentary releases, topping a crowded week on criticWIRE. The film, directed by James Marsh, tells the story of Nim, a chimpanzee who, in the 1970s, became the focus of a landmark experiment that aimed to prove an ape -- if raised and nurtured like a human child -- could learn to communicate using sign language.

    • Ted Hope, after moderating New Faces of Indie Film panel at Lincoln Center: "Yes, in the future when I am involved on a panel I will insist upon diversity, and yes, I will set a limit to the number of people on the panel. But I also learned from the answers folks gave. I didn't get to ask all of them, but had I, I had the list prepared. These are those questions ...

    • The Playlist reviewed Catherine Breillat's 'The Sleeping Beauty': A little girl who dreams of being a boy. A boy who wishes to be seduced by an Ice Queen. High fantasy and tangled sexuality dovetail in 'The Sleeping Beauty,' a fantastical retelling of the popular folklore involving the little girl brought to an eternal slumber." Go here for indieWIRE's interview with the controversial auteur.

    • Caryn James loves 'Horrible Bosses': It's the funniest comedy since 'The Hangover' -- the real 'Hangover,' not this year's lame sequel. In fact, it is everything you might have wanted a 'Hangover' sequel to be."

    • IFC Midnight acquired North American rights to Joe Swanberg ('Hannah Takes the Stairs') and Adam Wingard's 'Autoerotic.' This marks the fifth collaboration between Swanberg and IFC Films. The company plans to release the film on-demand this month, followed by a limited theatrical release this summer.

    • This month indieWIRE turns 15. In honor of our decade and a half in the game, we've dug through our vaults to uncover some old goodies. Every day this month, check back on indieWIRE for some old classics. Here's our 2004 interview with Sofia Coppola shortly after 'Lost in Translation' caught on fire.
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