Last week, we took a look at recent movies that have addressed the economic crisis. Unfortunately, the country's unemployment rate is still at more than 9%. Even more surprising is that those with a college degree are having a hard time finding work as well, a fact that 'Horrible Bosses' director Seth Gordon pointed out in a recent interview with TheWrap.

Gordon, who attended Yale for architecture before settling on directing, is frustrated that he and his college friends feel betrayed by the American Dream. In fact, Gordon had to give up architecture because he couldn't make a living in it. lockquote>

"[Yale]'s a great school ... But it doesn't matter because most of my friends that went there struggled for over a decade, and only a small percentage of them can make a living ... It's a tough world, man, and everyone who came out of college when I did ... hit that ceiling exactly when everything crumbled ... All of the sudden if you had a job that's anything better than bad, you feel lucky ... And you have to hold onto it. Like you can't move! That's essentially where all of my generation, I think, finds itself right now."

Gordon went on to state that the recession ended up having a lot to do with the plot of 'Horrible Bosses.'

Do you feel that recent movies have been addressing the economic crisis at all?

[via TheWrap]
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