Now you're really gonna hate those unwatched DVDs collecting dust on your kitchen table. In a move that's got us shaking our heads and muttering "Serenity now!" under our breath, word on the street is that Netflix is completely screwing things up for us frugal movie lovers by creating separate rates for their DVD and instant-streaming options.

Back in November, the powers that be at Netflix went ahead and upped their rates by anywhere from $1–$8 per month both to rent DVDs and have unlimited access to their instant-streaming catalogue. That was rough in its own right, but now it's going to cost $7.99 per month to rent out one DVD at a time and an extra $7.99 per month to have access to unlimited instant streaming. Yup, it will now cost you $16 per month to have both services going at the same time, and that is some tough cookies for all of us currently dishing out $10/month for that same level of access. meta charset="utf-8" />

As to why Netflix made this buzzkill of a move, apparently it was intended to "better reflect the costs" of their services. It would be one thing if their instant-streaming catalogue was expansive enough to render the DVD option obsolete, but with the way things are now, a lot of us are just gonna have to bite the bullet and dish out that dough.

The new prices will take effect on Sept. 1 for existing customers and immediately for new ones, so for all you Netflix devotees out there, looks like you've got yourself two months and change to tackle that instant-streaming queue like there's no tomorrow. Head on over to Netflix to see their statement about the new rates.

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