What a week for drag this has been ...

First there was the debut trailer for 'Jack and Jill,' where Adam Sandler plays his own twin sister by throwing a wig on and talking like the Long Island version of the Herlihy Boy. Then there was the debut trailer for 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,' where Robert Downey Jr. disguises himself in a bonnet and hooker makeup for a bunch of scenes. Nothing against drag, and more power to RDJ for dolling himself up for our entertainment, but let's not kid ourselves -- Stevie Wonder wouldn't hesitate to call these guys out as a dudes with those get-ups on.

That got us thinking: Of all the men in Hollywood who have rocked a bra and lipstick for the camera, which of them still ended up looking like dudes? We'll save the Mrs. Doubtfires and Edna Turnblads for another day -- this one's for the guys who look like ladies who still just look like guys.

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