This year marks the 40th anniversary of 'A Clockwork Orange.' Not only does this mean we get a reissue of the Stanley Kubrick film on Blu-Ray, but we also get plenty of press from the film's star, Malcolm McDowell.

The man behind Alex DeLarge recently sat down with Maxim for an interview, where he told them his favorite swear word, how to win a fistfight and what he would do if he ruled the world for a day.

Check out some of his quotes from the conversation below and head on over to Maxim for the full interview. div style="text-align: center;">

On his worst hangover
It's been so bad, it's gone into hallucinations, which was so much fun

On what to remember in a fistfight
A good fistfight, there's nothing quite like it for adrenaline. The best thing I think you can do is get close and strike first, and usually it's with the head. That will break the nose every time

On what he would do if he ruled the world for one day
I would get rid of a lot of people I loathe and hate [laughs]

On the last person he apologized to
It's always to my wife. I've got a permanent "I am sorry, I misunderstood that one"

What is your favorite Malcolm McDowell role?

[via Maxim]