We've pretty much died and gone to Valhalla with the news that 'True Blood' vamp Alexander Skarsgard will take his Nordic good looks to the big screen in a Viking epic that's said to be in the vein (ahem) of 'Gladiator' and 'Braveheart.'

We love Skarsgard as towering, blond 1,000-year-old Viking-turned-vamp Eric Northman on 'True Blood,' and 'Thor' only whetted our appetites for more blond Viking action heroes.

In the film, which has the working title of 'The Vanguard,' Skarsgard will play one of two Viking warriors who embark on a journey to their native Sweden after being banished to North America.

It's scripted by Chris Boal, an acclaimed playwright who also happens to be the brother of Oscar-winning 'Hurt Locker' scripter Mark Boal.

Who should play the other warrior? Well, Skarsgard has three brothers -- Gustaf, Bill and Valter -- who are also actors.
'Vanguard' will be Skarsgard's first leading role (and first time producing), but he's got a busy film slate with roles in 'Battleship, 'Straw Dogs' and 'Melancholia,' which also co-stars his father, Stellan Skarsgard.

Before making his mark on Bon Temps, Skarsgard played Sgt Brad 'Iceman' Colbert on HBO's 'Generation Kill.' And you might remember him in 'Zoolander,' one of Ben Stiller's orange mocha frappuccino-loving buddies. Ahh, kids, just say no to gasoline-related horseplay.

Interestingly, various blond stars have been attached to various Viking epics over the years, but nothing has really come of them; not the Ryan Phillippe and Sean Bean one, of the 'Untitled Viking Drama' with Leonardo DiCaprio that was to be directed by Mel Gibson.

How perfect is this casting?And how excited are you for a big, Viking epic?

[via Variety]
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