You know what they say -- if it ain't broke, just give it a darker coat of paint.

Thanks to the sneaky devils at SuperHero Hype, we now have our first off-set look at Bruce Wayne's Tumbler in 'The Dark Knight Rises' which doesn't seem to have undergone any kind of overhaul, in terms of appearance at least. If there's one thing worth noting, it's how super-black it looks in comparison to the vehicle's usual shade of really-quite-black, but if that blue tarp behind it is any clue, there's a good chance it could just be the rain working its magic. Call us crazy, but something tells us there's a Batpod sitting under that tarp.

Definitely not as exciting as a poster or a teaser trailer, but nevertheless it's nice to see Chris Nolan sticking with something that didn't need changing.

Hit the jump to check out a pic of one of the SWAT trucks that will most likely get blown up in the movie at some point or other.

What kind of cool upgrades to you think the Tumbler's gonna have this time around?

[via SuperHero Hype]
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