For a while there it seemed like we couldn't blink twice without getting word of yet another poster for 'Captain America: The First Avenger.' Whether he's standing in front of gray stuff, craning his neck at a 90-degree angle or punching out Hitler, Cap just can't seem to get away from the cameras these days. We blame that Chris Evans and his pretty face. And while we're not quite sure why the they didn't just stop with the Hitler-beatdown concept, we nevertheless have ourselves another poster for 'Captain America,' thanks to the fine folks over at Hitfix, now that we're just one week away from its July 22 release date.

It's still very much lacking in the Hitler-shaming department, but hit the jump to see the poster in full.

Looks mighty similar to the last poster we were treated to, but hey, at least it still looks cool.

How many more 'Captain America' posters do you think we'll see before next Friday comes around?

[via HitFix]
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May 25, 2016
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