With his bald head and extra bulk, Tom Hardy, who packed on the pounds to play an MMA fighter in 'Warrior.' and Batman foe Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises' is easy to picture in the role of legendary mobster Al Capone.

'Cicero,' the story of Capone's initial rise to power in Chicago, might be just the first in a series about the mob kingpin, to be directed by David Yates, who helmed the final four 'Harry Potter' films.

If you've only seen Hardy as the elegantly suited Eames in 'Inception,' check out his role as another real-life criminal, the brutal bare-knuckled brawler of 'Bronson.'

If Hardy takes on the role, it would likely be after 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' which is scheduled for a Spring 2012 shoot. As for Yates, he's got several projects to choose from, including a new version of Stephen King's 'The Stand, and of the comic series 'Fables.'

Warner Bros. is said to be keen on 'The Stand,' but the trouble getting King's 'The Dark Tower' going at Universal might give them pause.

'Fables,' would take famous fairy tales and rework them in a film noir fashion. Here's a synopsis of the first 'Fables' volume.

Who Killed Rose Red? In Fabletown, where fairy legends live alongside regular New Yorkers, the question is all anyone can talk about. But only the Big Bad Wolf can actually solve the case – and, along with Rose's sister Snow White, keep the Fabletown community from coming apart at the seams.
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Would Hardy make a good Capone? And which project would you like to see Yates tackle next?
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