Regardless of how many Star Wars collections we've already bought on VHS and DVD over the years, the minute we heard about the invention of Blu-ray, we should have known this day would come.

In case you couldn't guess, George Lucas is, yet again, pimping out the franchise that made so many geeks across the globe and across generations love him and/or hate him over the course of six movies by releasing 'Episode I' through 'Episode VI' in a Blu-ray collection dubbed 'Star Wars: The Complete Saga.' As for the details, the collection is going to be made up of nine discs, the movies will be presented in full 1080p, and it will have 40 hours of special features -- including never-before-seen deleted scenes.

You won't be able to get your hands on it until Sept. 16, but hit the jump for a teaser trailer of what to expect from the bonus footage.

As much as we despise supporting the cruel reign of Lucas, that's a whole lot of bonus footage and it sure would look pretty on Blu-ray. Now they just need to remove Hayden Christensen from 'Return of the Jedi' and make Han shoot first again. Probably won't happen, but a fan can dream.

Are you going to buy the Star Wars Blu-rays?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

Photos courtesy of Lucasfilm.