When we heard that Francis Ford Coppola's gothic mystery movie, 'Twixt,' was going to be interactive (and feature a live performance) at Comic-Con, we expected something along the lines of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show,' with live actors or audience participation.

What we got instead was an extremely disorganized "dress rehearsal" where the brilliant but eccentric director played scenes at random and showed the same footage over and over again in his version of a "live" movie, over which he intoned the word "Nosferatu." (Musician-actor Tom Waits, who narrates the film, wasn't on hand.)

The only enjoyable surprises from this glitchy demonstration came via the audience -- one fan held up a sign asking Val Kilmer, "Will you be my huckleberry?" after thanking him for his work in 'Tombstone.' Now, that was fun. The demonstration, not so much. Where's a moderator when you need one?

div> The panel began well enough, with Edgar Allan Poe masks on every seat (the character appears in the film to guide a mystery writer played by Kilmer). Those masks ended up being 3D glasses for the one 3D sequence in the footage. Coppola advised us when to put the masks on and that we might want to hang onto them as they'll likely become collectibles, like the programs handed out for 'Apocalypse Now.'