Does Stephen Dorff have comic book cred? If starring as the villain in one of the first (and still best)of the recent wave of comic-book adapatations, 'Blade,' counts, then definitely yes.

Thirteen years later, Dorff's Deacon Frost remains one of the coolest, baddest vamps out there (sorry, Team Edward). So if you Twihards see him at Comic-Con this year, a little respect, please.

That's right, Dorff is making his first Comic-Con appearance this year, supporting two movies that couldn't be more different: the action epic 'Immortals,' which he calls "'300' meets 'Gladiator,'" and 'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star,' a comedy about a guy who thinks he's destined to be a porn star, featuring Dorff as "the king of the porn universe."

Below, check out Dorff's thoughts on topics ranging from a pre-'Twilight' Kristen Stewart, to why fans still love 'Blade' so much, to working on porn with Adam Sandler ...
On Why the First 'Blade' Is Still the Best:
'Blade' was the first commercial movie I'd ever done, and Deacon Frost was a sexy, villainous kind of role. Stephen Norrington, who directed Blade, is a mad genius. He's the one who really made that movie. I give him the whole credit. I just kind of played my part and had fun doing it. And then they made a bunch of other ones. The first one was so much more grounded, same with the first 'Matrix.' Those movies were ahead of their time. If you do a comic book movie, it's nice to ground it in some sort of reality. If not, it just comes off as silly.

On the Current Crop of Comic Book Movies:
I didn't see 'Green Lantern' or 'Thor.' I heard 'Thor' was pretty good, and I'd be interested to see what Kenneth Branagh did with it, but I've just been too busy working. I think 'Iron Man' was definitely the best comic book movie of this decade. Jon Favreau really grounded it and started it with someone we could identify with. A lot of these comics, to me, seem to be like comic books on crack. Robert Downey Jr. was so good as Tony Stark. I don't think any other comic book movies have touched the first 'Iron Man.'

On Playing a Slave Among Gods in 'Immortals':
It's a big, huge movie. I signed on because Tarsem Singh is a very talented guy and I knew he'd do something really good. I haven't seen the film yet, but I hear it tested really well and people are digging it. It's very intense and theatrical. Mickey Rourke is the evil villain, King Hyperion, and Henry Cavill's the hero whose mother's been killed and he's out to avenge her death.

I play Stavros. He' a slave who teams up with Theseus. He's this great character, like a Han Solo. He has some funny lines, he's kind of your everyman and he's not afraid to say what he's thinking. But he's also a rogue warrior. There was a lot of sword fighting and a lot of training, and lots of ab shots. It's kind of an ab-fest.

There's a lot of good-looking people Tarsem put in there: Kellan Lutz, Luke Evans and Henry, not to mention Freida Pinto and Isabel Lucas. So you have all these talented actors, and incredible visuals and a great stunt team. We have a lot of people who did '300,' so if people liked '300,' I think they'll like this. It's got a great script and it isn't just a bunch of CGI monsters. It was shot in 3D, as opposed to being converted afterward, so I think it's going to look amazing. Tarsem's an incredible visual technician, and I think people will get a kick out of what we did in 3D.

On Playing a Porn Star in 'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star':
'Bucky Larson' is Happy Madison on steroids. Nick Swardson plays Bucky, who learns that his parents were legendary porn stars in the '70s, so he comes to Hollywood, because he thinks he's destined to become an adult film star.

It's hilarious. I've been a big fan of Nick's and Adam Sandler -- who co-wrote the movie -- is an old friend of mine. I've been dying to just have some fun because I'm always in intense roles, so it's nice to do a comedy for once. I play Dick Shadow; he's the biggest porn star in the universe, until Bucky comes along. It reminds me of 'Kingpin,' with Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray, which I loved. I'm kind of the villain in this movie. I've got these hysterical speeches. I had a lot of fun with this character. It'll definitely have people laughing a lot. I laughed my ass off.

I wanted to have really long hair extensions for the part and we had to make sure it would be okay for Sofia's movie 'Somewhere,' and she gave me the go-ahead, as long as they didn't mess up my hair for her movie.

On Why Nick Swardson Is About to Be Huge (and Not in the Porn-Star Sense):
Nick and I have become real good buddies. He's also got '30 Minutes or Less' at Comic-Con, and I think he's about to have his moment. He's really due. He's a really talented dude who's had a cult following for years and Adam's excited to help break him.

On What He's Looking Forward to at Comic-Con:
I'm dying to see some of the people that I haven't seen in a while. Freida Pinto, who plays Phaedra in 'Immortals,' has been texting me, saying she's excited to see me. And Playboy is hosting a 'Bucky Larson' party. I can't wait to see Nick. I've been warned I'll get some Deacon Frost questions. That makes me feel older than I am.

On Fans' Undying Love for 'Blade':
I could be in Europe, in some nightclub and every time they play that 'Blade' club track, I'll be sitting there and the spotlight will come on me and it's really embarrassing. And then people will scream "Deacon!" Fortunately, I've never gotten any weird stalkers or any guys who want to pick fights. Maybe they're afraid of me. I don't get the, "Oh, are you some actor boy?" thing. More just, "We love 'Blade.'"

On Knowing Kristen Stewart Before All This 'Twilight' Stuff:
Kristen and I did this movie, 'Cold Creek Manor,' right before she did 'Panic Room,' and I knew she was going to be a really good actress. I thought, She's so cool and she's going to do some really good stuff. And she has, outside the 'Twilight' movies. I thought she was great in 'The Runaways' with Dakota Fanning. I haven't seen Kristen since she became a teen goddess. Now she's a grown woman. My little sisters -- they're 11 and 13 -- really liked those movies.

On Being Buds With Francis Ford Coppola:
I love Francis and I'm looking forward to 'Twixt.' My friend Val Kilmer's in that and so is Elle Fanning, who was in 'Somewhere.' I've heard different things, like that it's going to have a live orchestra, so I'm excited to see what's going to be. Francis is such an innovator and he's into stripping things down and going back to his old roots, which is so cool for someone at his level. I'd like to see his presentation or at least say hi.

I've known him since I was 18. I auditioned for 'On the Road' when he was going to direct it and then when he did 'Youth Without Youth,' he was talking to me at one point about the part that went to Tim Roth, but I was a little too young for it. But I spent about a week with him up in Napa. It was incredible. I was cooking steaks with him and watching Italian movies I never heard of. He's one of the best filmmakers of all time, him, Kubrick and maybe a few others. They're the legends, the ones who made me want to do this crazy business. Francis reminds me of a kid still, he's pretty awesome. I know Val was real excited to go up there and work with him.

On Being Too Busy for His Own Good:
The movie I'm doing now is pretty cool. It's called 'Boot Tracks,' with Michelle Monaghan and Ray Winstone. It's much more like a David Lynch movie than anything I've ever done. It's a surreal, kind of dreamy drama. We're shooting it in Cleveland and we've been shooting nights, so I'm going to be really tired going into Comic-Con, unfortunately.

I also did a movie with Emile Hirsch and Dakota Fanning, called 'The Motel Life.' It's based on a novel and it's one of the best scripts I ever read. Maybe I have to too many coming out, I have to stop for a minute and figure out which one I'm promoting!

On Doing a Great Mr. Moviefone Voice:
I can imitate the Moviefone voice, the one you get when you call to check movie times. I can do it better than anyone else. I do it perfectly. It's actually scary. I did it for Michelle Monaghan the other day and she was like, "Oh. My. God."
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