The first images of leather-clad, motorcycle-riding Nicolas Cage and Idris Elba in 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' have surfaced in Empire magazine.

You can't really tell from these scans, but Ghost Rider has undergone a makeover: He's not just more badass, his clothes and his bike are visibly charred and this time around, he eats bullets and urinates fire. Fun!

As Cage told Moviefone (and about 6,500 others) at Comic-Con, "I didn't get to play 'Ghost Rider' in the other movie." Even when his head isn't on fire, Cage says that years of that little side effect has "had an affect on [Johnny Blaze]'s mood. He's more sarcastic, more edgy and ironic."

Co-director Brian Taylor said, "Ghost Rider is one of most badass characters of all time. He makes no sense at all. No logic, just pure nightmare. He's not a superhero, he's more of a horror character. His super power is he sucks out your soul."

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At Comic-Con, Elba described his character as "a French wine-drinking, motorcycle-riding warrior monk." He, along with the rest of the cast, did all his own stunts, on orders from the directors. So that scene where Elba's character loses control of his bike? Totally real.

"There are scenes that look perilous and trust me they were," boasted co-director Mark Neveldine. "We bully and undermine our actors whenever possible," added Taylor.

Not pictured: Villains Johnny Wentworth and Ciaran Hinds.

[scans via FilmStage]