Folks, we can hardly keep track of all the trailers that come out each week, and we cover movies for a living. To help you stay on top of what's happening in the world of "In a world ... " teasers, we are launching 'Trailer Park' -- a twice-weekly roundup of previews approved for appropriate (and, on occasion, inappropriate) audiences. We'll present long-lead trailers every Tuesday at noon, and previews for the current week's releases every Thursday at noon, so be sure to check back each week.

It's been a big week with everything at Comic-Con and all filled with real superheroes and pretend ones, but throw a couple haunted houses into the mix, Ryan Gosling re-defining cool, and the best thing that's happened to claymation since 'Gumby,' and that only covers about half of the trailers we've seen in the past seven days. Like we said, it's a lot to keep track of, but there's a lot of good stuff worth keeping an eye out for.

So without further ado, go right ahead and scope out the goods from July 18 through July 25.