It's hard to imagine someone in Iraq during the early '90s more evil than Saddam Hussein, but there was... his eldest son Uday. His psychotic antics and hard partying ways became legendary in the Middle East during the lead up to the Gulf War making him not as powerful as his father, but certainly more feared. Then with war with the U.S. on the horizon, Uday did something his father was legendary for, he brought on a "fiday" or body double. The lucky one chosen? His old schoolmate, Latif Yahia.

In a tour-de-force performance that many are calling Tony Montana in the Middle East, Dominic Cooper plays both Uday Hussein and Latif Yahia in Lee Tamahori's 'The Devil's Double.' Loosely based on Yahia's book of the same title, the film recounts Latif's entrance into the Hussein regime and witnessing Uday's insanity that included trolling the streets looking for underage girls and ripping out the intestines of one Saddam aid who teased him.

Moviefone sat down with Cooper to talk about his transformation from British heartthrob to Middle Eastern madman (which included him donning false teeth and speaking in a high pitch voice), the magic done in post production to seamlessly place him as Uday and Latif in the same shots and his more glamorous roles as Howard Stark in 'Captain America' and vampire Henry Sturges in the much buzzed about adaptation of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.'