From the way Steve Carell's wife copes with his on-screen love life to why Neil Patrick got involved with 'The Smurfs,' as long as there are new movies coming out, there will always be celebrities to talk about them. So with 'Cowboys & Aliens,' 'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' and 'Attack the Block' among other quality movies coming out this week, we thought we'd start up "Favorite Lines" -- a new ongoing feature where we round up the best celebrity quotes from the past week and present them in a neat little lineup for you to enjoy.

There were some bonafide gems this week from some big names in Hollywood, so go ahead and see for yourselves what the celebrities came up with over the past week.
Steve Carell on getting up close and personal with Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love:'

"You know who's even more surprised than I am is my wife. She cannot believe that I get to make out with beautiful women in movies. She thinks it's ... one of the most ridiculous aspects of our marriage."

[via NPR]

Ryan Gosling on why he signed up for 'Crazy, Stupid, Love:'

"Okay, so when I finished 'Blue Valentine' I had to go get a physical from the doctor and he gave me a prescription and it said, 'Do a comedy.' So I did."

[via Collider]
'Cowboys & Aliens' screenwriter Robert Orci on his approach to blending genres:

"This sort of genre mash-up relects a movement in music, to sample and mix stuff together. But, in a way, we're mixing genres that have already been mixed. 'Star Wars' is a space western. 'Star Trek' was pitched as 'Wagon Train' to the stars. We're just not hiding it in this movie."

[via Entertainment Weekly]
Alec Baldwin took questions from his fans on Twitter, this was our favorite answer of the bunch:

"@vickijackson2: @AlecBaldwin what film starring yourself has made you feel the most proud? 'The Hunt for Red October'"

[via Twitter]
Neil Patrick Harris on what got him involved in 'The Smurfs:'

"When I was first approached for 'The Smurfs' I figured it was going to be for a voice of one of the characters, so when I found out that I was going to be one of the human counterparts I was understandably excited by the prospect ... I've never got to dabble in anything quite like this. I did a little bit in 'Starship Troopers,' but mostly they'd have these battles and I'd come marching in at the end, say a couple lines, and march out."

[via Channel3000]
Don Cheadle on the perks of filming 'The Guard' in Ireland:

"I golfed every weekend. I golfed in the rain. I didn't care. I was like, 'I'm in Ireland. I'm golfing.'"

[via Vulture]
Olivia Wilde on her 'Cowboys & Aliens' character as a female role model:

"I think it proves that those roles can be women, that it doesn't have to fit into the usual molds. I think that something like [James] Bond is a good example. We think of Bond as being a man, but there's no reason it shouldn't be a woman."

[via Ain't it Cool News]

'Attack the Block' breakout actor John Boyega on how his parents are taking to his newfound fame:

"My mum sees me in a different light, she thinks I'm an action superhero. So therefore whenever she hears something creaking downstairs in the kitchen she's like 'John, you get it. Do something like you did in the film.' Dad thinks I'm incredibly cool, but he still wants me to get to the level of Bruce Willis because he's a big Bruce Willis fan. I asked him the other day, I said 'dad, do you respect me more than Bruce Willis?' and he said 'Yeah ... no.'"

[via Bloody Disgusting]
So which celebrity do you think had the best quote this week?

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