We're no strangers to watching movies that sound exactly like other movies, but it's pretty rare that we get to watch them on the same weekend. Chances are you've already heard about 'Cowboys & Aliens,' where, yes, cowboys fight off aliens with hi-tech wristbands and fistfuls of dynamite. But there's also 'Attack the Block,' in which a group of teenage punks in London fight off an alien invasion in their backyard with whatever they can get their hands on.

We've seen them both, we've reviewed them both, and with everyone escaping the heat by heading to the movie theater tomorrow, we thought we'd make the choice easy for you by comparing the two new releases and giving you the lowdown on which genre-mashing alien-invasion movie you should be hitting up this weekend. They've both got their merits and they both have their moments, so go right ahead and check out our breakdown to see who reigns supreme when it comes to killing aliens.
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