We are down to the Final Four.

Round 2 seemed to reveal the two 800-pound gorillas in this fight: Superheroes and Pirates, who absolutely stomped their second-round opponents, Slashers and Monkeys.

Sadly, it appears the Underdog Sports Teams genre was not able to translate movie magic to real life, as it fell in a landslide to the Mobsters. No last-minute heroics this time. No aging Jake Taylor to deliver the division-winning pseudo-bunt. No Jimmy Chitwood and his killer crossover move to win the state title. Oh well.

Our last semifinalist, Robots, vanquished Vampires in our closest Round 2 matchup. This was somewhat surprising, as the 'Twilight'-led forces appeared quite fearsome in demolishing Plucky Street Dance Teams in Round 1, but in the end it appears you guys are quite fond of Johnny 5 and his cohorts.

All right, that's enough with the wrap-up already. On to Round 3 ... (And be sure to check back in tomorrow for the Finals!)




The Robots genre has had a good run so far, but it may have met its match this time around. Pirates made quick and easy work of Monkeys last round and 1940s Film Noir Private Detectives in Round 1 -- both very impressive victories. It seems that Captain Jack Sparrow's reviving of the buccaneer movie is still going strong, but you guys sure do love your robots. Hm, wonder how long it'll take Hollywood to churn out a flick about a robotic pirate ...





The biggest bully of the tournament so far has no doubt been Superheroes, which crushed Nicholas Sparks Book Adaptations by 84 percentage points in Round 1 and Slashers by a stunning 74 points in Round 2. The Mobsters genre hasn't been quite as dominant, though perhaps it's had tougher competition in Underdog Sports Teams and Family-Friendly Talking Animals. Superheroes has a solid claim as the dominant genre of Right Now, but the gangster movie has been a cinematic staple far, far longer. Will that history be enough? We'll have to wait and see ...


Be sure to come back tomorrow for our championship match!
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