Who's the hottest "It" Girl for Geeks: Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde? That depends whether you're making your decision purely on the basis of their roles in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' or 'Tron: Legacy' or whether you're assessing them on sheer physical appeal.

Emma Stone is definitely more of the girl next door type, despite playing a girl with a very bad reputation in 'Easy A,' while Olivia Wilde is super-model gorgeous. Actually, with her impossible cheekbones and cat-like eyes, Wilde seems as alien as anything in 'Cowboys & Aliens.' It's hard to believe she's not a special effect, which seems to limit her roles to exotic, mysterious babes.
I like Stone, but with her freckled baby face, I can't ever see her playing a sexpot. She's definitely going to bring a different vibe to Gwen Stacy than Kirsten Dunst brought to playing Mary Jane Parker. I can't imagine we'll see Stone in a soaking wet makeout scene, a la Dunst's famous upside-down kiss with Tobey Maguire in 'Spider-Man.

Who's hotter?
No arguing with Maxim's ranking Olivia #1 and Emma a mere #66. As I said before, Olivia's got that kind of otherworldly hotness that makes you suspect Photoshopping, while Emma's got a far more "girl you bring home to mother" appeal. (Maybe why People put Emma, not Olivia on their "Most Beautiful List.")

It's kind of funny that in the roles that made us sit up and notice them for the first time, both actresses played characters without "real" names. Emma was the wisecracking, gun-toting teen zombie hunter Wichita in 'Zombieland,' so named for her hometown, while Olivia was known only as 'Thirteen' for much of her time on 'House.' Of course, their stage names aren't their given names either: Olivia Cockburn chose the last name "Wilde" in honor of the legendary Irish writer Oscar Wilde and Emma used to be known as "Emily."

Who's funnier?
I tend to think of Emma as having more comedy chops: She was great in 'Easy A' and 'Superbad' and continues to rack up comedy credits with 'Crazy Stupid Love.' I'm going to have to take Olivia's comedic flair on faith. (Have you seen her in the indie 'Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas?' Neither have I.) A colleague tells me she has some great scenes with Ryan Reynolds (who's really Jason Bateman) in 'The Change-Up,' so maybe there will be more comedy in Olivia's future, even if she's always playing a hot babe in a funny film.

Who kicks more ass?
I have to hand it to Olivia for her roles in 'Cowboys & Aliens' and 'Tron Legacy,' despite Emma's awesome zombie-wrangling and ability to outwit her fellow humans in 'Zombieland.' Olivia just looks like more of a badass.

Who's bigger at the box office?
Olivia wins for biggest-grossing film ('Tron Legacy' $172 million) but Emma's racked up a bigger box-office total in a shorter time, $429 million versus Olivia's $244 million. (That's not including 'Cowboys & Aliens,' which opens Friday.) Emma's biggest film, by the way, also her first: 'Superbad,' $121.5 million. Then again, Emma is landing leading roles, while Olivia still seems stuck playing "The Girl" in so many films.

Blondes get less respect
The first time I noticed Olivia was in her role as Mischa-Barton-lovin' bartender Alex on 'The O.C.,' where she was blonde, so when she popped up with nearly black hair on 'The Black Donnellys,' she was nearly unrecognizable. Her darker hair definitely suits her, though, and it makes those feline eyes and cheekbones pop. Emma as a blonde just looks odd, since we're all so used to her as a redhead in 'Easy A' and 'Zombieland." Maybe it's just the lighting in the first 'Amazing Spider-Man' trailer, but she looks washed out with lighter hair. And do natural blondes really have freckles? Let's just agree that Emma's a real redhead and make sure she never goes blonde again.

The big role that got away:
I can't quite picture Emma as mutant cheerleader Claire Bennet on 'Heroes,' or dating Milo Ventimiglia and making Lifetime movies her career. And although Olivia is wicked hot, she can't hold a candle to Eva Green, who landed the role of Bond Girl Vesper in 'Casino Royale.' And Olivia still got to work with Daniel Craig, so it's all good.

Iconic music role:
Who knew that Olivia once played Madonna in a faux 'Weird Al Yankovic' biopic? Yep, the short stars 'Breaking Bad''s Aaron Paul as the wacky musician, who romances the 'Like a Virgin' era Madonna. And it's probably a good thing that Emma (billed as "Emily Stone") never got a chance to play Laurie Partridge after landing the role in a competitive reality show designed to cast a new series. She hasn't really advertised since that she can sing and with so many singer-actresses out there, I'm fine with that.

Who's more like to get an Oscar invite?
Emma's not likely to rate an Oscar nomination for her role as a plucky novelist in the upcoming prestige pic 'The Help,' but the inspirational message, historic setting and impressive supporting cast are more Oscar-friendly than Olivia's upcoming slate of films.

Who's taken it all off for their art?
Olivia went topless in 'Alpha Dog' and gets nearly naked for her roles in 'The Change-Up' and 'Cowboys & Aliens.' Despite Emma's bad girl reputation in 'Easy A,' she kept her clothes on for the role. So many starlets feel the need to strip at some point to prove their cred as an actress but I really hope Emma won't be among them.

Who's got the best social network?
As fans pointed out at Comic-Con, Emma has co-starred with both 'Social Network' stars Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. She said she'd totally friend those guys, but she insisted she doesn't have a Facebook page. Her (possibly real) Twitter account shows her in a Chaplin getup, but has tweeted, literally, twice. Olivia actually tweets on a regular basis -- everything from Jimmy Kimmel to Haiti -- and I think this is her real Facebook page.

Which actress do you think has a better chance of translating their current "It" Girl buzz into a long and successful career?