Worried about how you're going to cope without future adventures of Vinny, Drama, E, Turtle and Ari after the eighth and final season of 'Entourage' winds down in a few weeks? Lucky for you, the makers of the HBO series insist that a feature film is in the works. Beyond that, however, they can't say, since even they don't seem to know any of the details.

According to Reuters, series creator Doug Ellin told the assembled reporters at the Television Critics Association confab in Los Angeles that there will be an 'Entourage' feature, but there's no timeframe yet or even a premise. "We are going to do a movie. It's a question of when and how quick," he said at Thursday's session. "Hopefully we will sit down and come up with an idea."
Executive producer Mark Wahlberg echoed Ellin's suggestion that film plans are far from firm. "If I had to finance it myself I would do it," the 'Fighter' star said. "I certainly hope that this has a chance to become a feature film. People are always saying the episodes are too short. They want to go on a journey with these guys."

What might happen in an 'Entourage' movie? According to Deadline Hollywood, Wahlberg said it might look like one of this summer's many successful raunchy adult comedy features. "I've been telling Doug, 'The Hangover' is to me very much like 'Entourage,' and look at all the recent success of R-rated movies."

Ellin said the series finale will include "no major deaths" and will leave no major plot strands at loose ends. In other words, it looks like what HBO did with 'Sex and the City': tie everything up neatly, then make a movie with a stand-alone plot. Of course, it took four years to get that movie made. And that movie spawned a sequel, but fans of the show generally found it disappointing.

So how can Ellin and Wahlberg make a feature-length episode of 'Entourage' without just having Vinny and the boys wake up in Vegas or Thailand with amnesia? Here are some ideas of our own:

•Ari runs for mayor of Los Angeles and enlists Vinny's endorsement. But Vinny's involvement in a sex scandal with an underage prostitute (Vinny didn't know she was just 16!) threatens to sink Ari's campaign. Will he cut his best bud and top client loose?

•Turtle invents an iPad app that helps stoners figure out where they stashed their weed; he becomes rich, and the guys start sponging off him instead of Vince. Can their friendship survive?

•George Clooney sends Vince on a humanitarian mission in the third world. When he comes back, he renounces hedonism and becomes an outspoken activist. This ruins his image; how can Ari and the gang get him to return to his old vices and get his career back on track?

•Drama undergoes anger management classes, then fears that he's losing his edge. Fortunately, he gets into an altercation on the golf course with Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, and a dozen paparazzi, and suddenly, he's back in business.

•Vinny finds himself the unlikely center of an Oscar campaign after his role as a sexy vampire enchants not just teenage girls but critics as well.

•After a shakeup at the agency, Lloyd is left in charge, and Ari is forced to work for his former assistant.

•Vince gets engaged to an English pop singer and plans to move to London to support her career. This disaster threatens to break up the frat pack; how will they break up the happy couple?

•Aliens invade Los Angeles, and only Vinny, Ari, and the boys can save Hollywood.

•The guys find themselves in Abu Dhabi, go for a camel ride, run afoul of the locals, escape disguised in burqas... no, wait, that's been done.

Well, fine, you think of an idea for an 'Entourage' movie.

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