July is finally over, and moviegoers couldn't be happier to turn a new leaf. We've had our fill of superheroes, carbon copies and alien invasions, and now it's time to savor the joys of August at the movies. What have we got to be so excited about? Here are 31 answers to your question:

31. No School Means More Time to Watch Movies
All you college kids, high schoolers, and middle schoolers out there know what we're talking about. Stay up past midnight, fall asleep with the TV still on, wake up the next day at 1 in the afternoon, refuse to bathe, get your parents to make you some food, turn on Netflix Instant, and don't move from the spot for the rest of your day. Rinse, wash, repeat, awesome.

30. It's So Hot Out That We Actually Have a Legitimate Excuse to Sit on the Couch All Day and Watch Movies
This is really an adjunct to point 31, above, but still we felt it was worth mentioning.

29. Cult Classics
Whether you're talking about indies that made a splash or low-budget gems still awaiting their due, August has always been kind to those of us who live for the next undiscovered masterpiece. This is, after all, the month that gave us 'Snakes on a Plane,' 'World's Greatest Dad,' 'Open Water,' 'Garden State,' 'Barton Fink,' 'Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,' 'Half Nelson,' and 'American Splendor.' If the insano trailer is any indication, we'll be able to add 'The Last Circus,' out Aug. 19, to that already impressive list.

28. Free Air Conditioning
As much as we love jacking up the living room A/C after a hard day's work, we hate the way our electric bills skyrocket as a result. And yet we will gladly dish out 12 bucks to escape the pulsating heat of August and kill two hours in an upholstered ice box of a theater surrounded by a few hundred perfect strangers. If the movie's decent, all the better!

27. Buying an ICEE for the First Time Since We Were 10
Still the best way to beat the heat.

26. Matinee Discounts
Nothing gives us that frugal billionaire feeling like spending $5 or $6 on a movie that, just a few hours later, would run you $10, $11, or $12. Even if too many multiplexes are phasing out this rare vestige of customer-friendly civility, it remains one of the great joys of the school's-out, boss-is-on-vacation dead of summer.

25. Double Features
You know what's better than going to one movie? Going to two movies, BACK-TO-BACK. Don't get cocky and show up to the theater and try to wing it, though. Go online the night before, get your show times and running lengths sorted out, hydrate appropriately, and see if you can time your arrival to miss the 15 minutes of previews. By dinner time, you'll be lucky if your body temperature hasn't sunk to the high 80s.

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