Actors don't often get to play heroic, awe-inspiring characters, particularly ones that are based on actual people. However, in 'The Whistleblower,'Rachel Weisz was lucky enough to do just that.

In the film, the Oscar-winning actress plays Kathryn Bolkovac, a police officer hired by the UN for a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia, who ends up investigating an underground sex trade that the people on her side are actively participating in.

Weisz recently gave an interview with the Huffington Post, where she discussed her character, why she decided to take the role after initially turning it down and what it was like meeting the actual Kathryn Bolkovac.

Check out a few choice quotes from the piece below, and head on over to HuffPost Entertainment to read the full interview.
On her role as Kathy Bolkovac
"If you ask Kathy why she did what she did, she didn't think she was saving the world or going to get a movie made about her, she literally said 'I was doing my job, I was investigating crime.' And she didn't think she was doing anything special. I was talking to someone earlier today and they said yeah, that's often what war heroes say... There's something so moving and extraordinary about that, I think that's drama at its most interesting."

On taking the role after initially turning it down
"I just couldn't get the story out of my mind, I was just very haunted by it ... and I just kept thinking about it and I just kept thinking about it and finally after two years, I just thought oh my god I just have got to find out about this project, so I called the producer and I said, 'Hey, remember that project, is it still around?' "

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The Whistleblower
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