Miley Cyrus, fresh off 'Hannah Montana' and a trio of innocuous films, is keen on transitioning to more adult roles but isn't quite ready to get down and dirty. She's just attached herself to an untitled religious comedy pitch that Paramount has picked up for her.

We've always seen Cyrus as a kind of country Lolita -- just on the edge of flaunting her sexuality on-screen -- and her off-screen antics (smoking salvia, drinking beer underage, dirty dancing and smoking cigarettes) is definitely at odds with her previous squeaky clean image.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plot for the high-concept comedy is being kept under wraps, but involves broken promises to God. Cyrus will produce with her mother Tish Cyrus through their Hope Town Entertainment company.
Cyrus, who will turn 19 in November, starred in the 2010 Nicholas Sparks melodrama 'The Last Song' and has just finished two films: the action comedy 'So Undercover,' about a street-smart private eye hired by the FBI to go undercover in a college sorority, and 'LOL,' a high school comedy that also stars Demi Moore and Ashley Greene.

So, apparently, Cyrus is still waiting for her breakout adult role. How about the Traci Lords story?

(Now that we got the snark out, we must applaud Cyrus for her stand supporting gay marriage, a belief that has alienated some of her fans. Cyrus recently had an equal sign tattooed on her right ring finger, with the caption "All love is equal.")

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