Reese Witherspoon's career has been a study in contrasts. On the one hand there's films like 'Election,' 'Vanity Fair' and 'Walk the Line,' where Witherspoon stretches herself in challenging roles. Then there's 'Sweet Home Alabama,' 'Just Like Heaven' and 'How Do You Know,' all of which could have been toplined by any number of sweet actresses -- Jennifer Garner or Katherine Heigl, to name two. Now Witherspoon is again venturing into insubstantial comedy territory by attaching herself to star in a slight Disney comedy called 'Wish List,' a kind of '13 Going on 30' meets 'When in Rome.'

According to Deadline, the film revolves around an ambitious career woman who lost her childhood when, as an overly imaginative little girl, she made 10 wishes at a wishing well but none of them came true -- the coin she threw in got stuck on the way down. Now, 25 years later, the coin works loose, falls to he bottom of the well, and, all of a sudden, the grown women has 10 kid wishes coming true all at once.
Deadline reports that the comedy was initially developed as a vehicle for a male star, but is being retooled for Witherspoon, who makes a lot of money for her studios no matter how terrible her films are. People just love watching her.

Reese, we love ya, but there's gotta be better choices for an A-list talent like you.

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