Tom Felton
has an uncanny ability to play the d*ck. As Draco Malfoy, Felton successfully d*cked himself through eight full 'Harry Potter' movies, maintaining a rather shocking degree of believability throughout. This takes talent! When Felton filmed 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,' he was only 12 years old. How many 12-year-olds do you look at and say, "Wow, that pre-teen is a real d*ck"? (If you're in middle school, we realize the answer is "plenty," but we're talking to the adults in the class here.)

Now that the 'Harry Potter' franchise has (thank God sadly) run its course, conventional wisdom might declare that Felton would, maybe, play a nice guy? Maybe a dental student with a heart of gold? Nope. When Felton steps on-screen in 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes,' it's immediately apparent that he plans to outdo himself in the on-screen d*ckishness department. (He doesn't just bully humans, he also bullies apes!) In fact, he appears to want more than that -- he wants the all-time crown. That's right, folks, we're calling it: Tom Felton is the new Billy Zabka.

Actually, he may be better.