In a move that could cost them roughly $15 Million, Kings of Leon have canceled the remainder of their US tour after lead singer Caleb Followill left the stage last Saturday and didn't return to finish the show due to "internal sicknesses and problems have needed to be addressed," according to bass player and sibling Jared Followill's Twitter feed. There's a lot of speculation right now as to the true cause behind the turmoil, but first-time director Stephen C. Mitchell couldn't have picked a more pertinent time to release his upcoming behind-the-scenes documentary 'Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon.'

Having captured Kings of Leon on film over the course of ten years from before they were even a band to when they were selling out stadiums across the globe, we got to speak with Mr. Mitchell and get his thoughts on what's been going on with the Followill boys.

The full interview is still to come, but go ahead and check out an exclusive clip from the doc along with what what Mitchell had to say about the state of Kings of Leon and whether or not they'll be coming back for more.

Moviefone: Were you surprised by what happened at the Dallas show last Saturday and their decision to cancel their tour?

Mitchell: Well, I wasn't there at the show and I haven't even had a chance to talk to any of the boys yet ... But I will say this about them: they care a lot, they care about their fans really, really hard. It's unfortunate that this has happened, but they're family, they're gonna get through this. They're strong and they want to continue to grow and be a good band, and I think they're tired.

You know, it's easy to sit back like an armchair quarterback and say, 'Oh, you should be getting out there and do this or do that,' but they never stop, period. I don't think people understand that about them ... If they're home, they're doing an album or they're doing press interviews, or they're filming this show or they're doing that. I just think that, like all human beings, you reach a point where you're just tired. You can't play a great athlete an entire game, you've got to give 'em a breather.

Moviefone: So no question about Kings of Leon coming back from this?

Mitchell: Not in my mind. I think they're gonna come back out and kick some people in the ass.
Looks like we'll still have to wait for an official statement from the band to get some specifics on the matter, but if the revealing trailer for his movie is any indication, it seems like Mitchell knows Kings of Leon about as well as they know themselves. 'Talahina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon' is available On Demand from August 22 to September 18 and will premiere on Showtime on August 21 at 10 PM.
So are you excited for a Kings of Leon comeback?

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