If you've picked up a book over the past two years or even glanced at who's reading what during your morning commute, there's a very strong chance you're aware of Kathrynn Stockett's best-selling book, 'The Help.' Set in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi, during the early civil rights movement, 'The Help' tells the story of two African American maids who secretly begin assisting a local white woman in writing a book about their lives as second-class citizens in the most racially charged city in the nation.

Next Wednesday, August 10, a big-screen adaptation of 'The Help' is headed to theaters, featuring a dream cast of amazing actresses. Among them is Octavia Spencer, who, in what promises to be a breakout role, plays Minny Jackson, an outspoken maid with a devilish secret.

In this original video, produced with our network cousins over at Huffington Post Culture and the newly launched Huffington Post Black Voices, reporter Paul Needham talks to Spencer about her friendship with Stockett and director Tate Taylor, her special connection with Minny, and her hope that men will see the movie too.

Having both read the novel and attended a screening of the movie earlier this week, this male reporter urges movie lovers of all descriptions not to miss this movie.

So are you going to see 'The Help' next week?

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The Help
PG-13 2011
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An aspiring writer turns her 1960s Mississippi town on its ear by interviewing black women. Read More