Ron Howard's adaptation of 'The Dark Tower' has stalled out, but fear not, Stephen King fans: a multi-film treatment of 'The Stand' is on its way.

Director David Yates and writer Steve Kloves, who worked together on the last three 'Harry Potter' films, are re-teaming for King's post-apocalyptic tale of good and evil.

During press for the final Potter film, Yates had expressed a desire to tackle 'The Stand' and now Warner Bros. is finalizing a deal for him and Kloves.
There's the potential for this to be even darker than the 'Potter' series,' or the 1994 miniseries, which aired on ABC. The TV version was directed by 'Masters of Horror' helmer Mick Garris and starred Gary Sinise, Jamey Sheridan and Ruby Dee.

Is 'The Stand' in good hands with Yates and Kloves? And who would you cast?

[via HitFix]
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