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Pizza boys get no respect, huh? The latest long-suffering pizza boy to hit the big screen -- in this week's release '30 Minutes or Less' -- certainly isn't an exception. Jesse Eisenberg follows up his career-making turn as kid billionaire Mark Zuckerberg in 'The Social Network' with a role as a dirt-poor delivery guy named Nick who has to put up with constant flack about his job.

His sharp-tongued bestie/roomie Chet (the hilarious Aziz Ansari of 'Parks & Recreation') is particularly unforgiving about Nick's lack of career ambition. The fact that Chet and Nick are the same age and Chet just landed a full-time teaching gig really highlights Nick's stunted post-high school development.

But being a delivery guy isn't all bad. The pressure to deliver pies in 30 minutes or less has definitely helped Nick hone his stunt driving skills. He can deftly run red lights, squeak ahead of oncoming trains and dodge small children. His smooth skills behind the wheel come in super-handy when two buffoons (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) strap a bomb across his chest and force him to rob a bank on their behalf.

Outrageous antics and over-the-top chase scenes ensue in this incredibly entertaining buddy comedy. It may not make sense the whole time, but with Ansari's sassy one-liners peppered throughout the mayhem, who really cares about logic? (Or the logistics of how all of this could go down, for that matter. If you find yourself wondering how two lazy dumbasses could concoct a deadly bomb with a code-activated locking system in a matter of minutes, stop. You're over-thinking things. Enjoy the ride.)

Eisenberg's Nick isn't the first movie pizza boy to entertain us on the big screen. In honor of this week's release of '30 Minutes or Less,' here are our top five favorite movie pizza guys.

Randy Bodek (Patrick Dempsey) in 'Loverboy.' While '30 Minutes' shows us that pizza delivery is a great way to sharpen your driving skills, 'Loverboy' demonstrates that it can also be an ideal segue into a lucrative career as a gigolo. Randy's extra-curricular 'Loverboy' activities help him score stylish clothes and other perks, all on a paltry pizza boy salary. Plus he gets to bed foxy cougars like Carrie Fisher, Kate Jackson and Kirstie Alley. Now that's some strategic multi-tasking.

Mookie (Spike Lee) in 'Do the Right Thing.' The pizza business isn't all fun and games, as the tension at Sal's Famous Pizza proves. I probably should have done the right thing and given Mookie the top spot on this list, but McDreamy's Senor Pizza mustache really edged him up a notch (according to my completely unscientific judging criteria).

Tucker, a.k.a. Norm, (Lee Evans) in 'There's Something About Mary.' See how underappreciated delivery guys are? Tucker, er, Norm, went to great lengths to create an architect alter-ego in his attempt to woo Mary. Huge mistake! Mary's actually pretty cool, Norm. She may have been down with your delivery boy status.

Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) in Talladega Nights.' When you think about it, delivery guy is a pretty sweet fallback career for a race car driver. 30 minutes or less? No problem! Plus becoming a pizza jockey for Hugalo's ultimately led Ricky Bobby to his estranged father, Reese Bobby. Win-win.

Pizza guy (Michelan Sisti) in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.' This has got to be the world's most diligent pizza delivery guy. If I got an address that led me to a sewer, I'd just leave. If a penny-pinching talking turtle told me to slip the pizza into the sewer grate, I'd run away screaming. But not this pizza guy. No siree, nothing keeps him from gettin' the job done. He may be annoyed by the Turtles' penchant for underpaying, but if someone – or something – orders pizza, he delivers.

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