'Blue Velvet' director David Lynch is making his solo musical debut this fall with the very Lynchian-sounding album 'Crazy Clown Time.'

Lynch wrote and produced all 14 songs, which the press release describes as "foreboding soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic lyrics."

There's no sign of his previous soundtrack artists and pals like Marilyn Manson or Angelo Badalementi, but Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karen O joins him on the 'Pinky's Dream' track.

In reviewing the first two songs, which were released last year, The LA Times mentioned their "frightening effects and mysterious lyrics" and The Washington Post called them "every bit as pleasantly odd as you might imagine from Lynch."

The single "Good Day Today" is an enigmatic electronic track, with what sounds like a vocoder on the vocals. Interestingly, Lynch did not direct the official video himself; that honor went to the winner of a competition.

Video, track listing and release date are after the jump.

A video for the song 'I Know,' was also created for the competition.

The album will be released on November 8 by independent British label Sunday Best Recordings (PIAS in America). It will come in both physical and digital formats, including a Collector's Edition CD; iTunes exclusive with video; and a double LP set with bonus tracks.

Lynch has actually been writing, or co-writing music, since his directorial debut of 'Eraserhead' in 1977, for which he penned 'In Heaven,' with Peter Ivers. His most recent film, 2006's 'Inland Empire,' featured several tracks written by the director.

He got serious about music four years ago when he founded the David Lynch Music Company. In 2010, he put all the company's releases, plus unreleased singles, on his web site.

CRAZY CLOWN TIME track listing
1. 'Pinky's Dream'
2. 'Good Day Today'
3. 'So Glad'
4. 'Noah's Ark'
5. 'Football Game'
6. 'I Know'
7. 'Strange and Unproductive Thinking'
8. 'The Night Bell With Lightning'
9. 'Stone's Gone Up'
10. 'Crazy Clown Time'
11. 'These Are My Friends'
12. 'Speed Roadster'
13. 'Movin' On'
14. 'She Rise Up'

Lynch fans: Are you going to check out this album?
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