A big-screen version of 'Wonder Woman' is sure to be a major studio film with a mandatory PG rating, but the director of some of the bloodiest foreign movies we've ever seen is angling for the job.

That's right, 'Valhalla Rising' director Nicolas Winding Refn is saying he "would love" to take on Wonder Woman and that 'Mad Men's Christina Hendricks (who has a small role in his new film 'Drive') would make the perfect leading lady. (He's not the first one with the idea, by the way.)

At a Q&A at the Empire Big Screen event in London, the Danish filmmaker revealed his superhero ambitions, but there's a slight catch: "Warner Bros. haven't called yet."

Winding Refn is already committed to another big mainstream movie for Warner Bros., 'Logan's Run,' which he sees as a stepping stone. "I think someone said to me in a meeting that if I get 'Logan's Run' right, then I'll get 'Wonder Woman," he said.
CinemaBlend thinks the director might have been joking when he first mentioned Wonder Woman at the LA Film Fest, but then, maybe he has a different definition of "superhero." As the director told Playlist, a pivotal, incredibly violent scene with Ryan Gosling in 'Drive' is the one in which Carey Mulligan realizes "this man is psychotic... but also that's the scene where he transforms himself into a superhero."

Winding Refn was recently mentioned as being on the "short list" to direct the next 'Die Hard' film, which seemed like a reach when we heard about it. But sounds like it might be right up his alley after all.

Should Winding Refn start making superhero movies? And would Christina Hendricks make a great Wonder Woman?

[via The Playlist and CinemaBlend]

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