Disney is bringing out the big guns in California. D23, Disney's annual showcase, is happening right now in Anaheim, and the company has no shortage of awesome news.

During the studio panel portion of the events, Pixar announced two new upcoming films. According to the animation company's Twitter account, one reimagines the history of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. However, in the Disney version, the asteroid misses earth and the dinosaurs continue to exist (no word if Rex from 'Toy Story' will be in it).
The second movie "explores a world that everyone knows, but no one has seen: inside the human mind." We are not sure exactly what this film will entail -- maybe a frontal cortex will be a character -- but it doesn't really matter, any Pixar film is better than none at all.

Both films are scheduled to hit theaters in 2013.

Also at the panel was Tim Burton showing off his new project, 'Frankenweenie' (not a Pixar flick by the way, just a Disney production) -- you can see the title art of the movie here.

According to the Marvel Live Blog from the event, 'FrankenWeenie' "is a longer, fuller version of the original FrankenWeenie short. Bigger, better! 3D stop motion animation...in black and white." The short they are referring to is the featurette Burton directed in the early '80s. This full version will be using the same stop motion the director did in 'Nightmare Before Christmas.'

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