Ben Affleck is eyeing his fourth directorial effort, but even though he'd once again play the lead, we'd likely see a lot less of him than in 'The Town.'

According to THR, the thriller 'Line of Sight' would be shot from "a point-of-view akin to a first-person shooter game." And the script did just get a polish by one Peter O'Brien, who wrote the game 'Halo: Reach' for Xbox 360.

Is first-person POV the next new trend? Chunks of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' trailer play out that way and director James Gray recently announced that's how he plans to direct his rogue spy thriller 'The Gray Man,' which would star Brad Pitt.

Like any good (or bad) movie gimmick, it's been done before, of course. Take the curiosity from the 1940s, 'Lady in the Lake,' which Robert Montgomery directed. He also starred in the film as detective Philip Marlowe, whom the audience never glimpsed unless he looked in a mirror.
These new films might not take the trend that far, but check out the original trailer for 'Lady in the Lake,' which touted its "startling and innovative new method of storytelling" as the greatest thing since sound.

'Line of Sight,' by the way, is about an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat. No word on the nature of the cargo or the threat. The project was initially picked up by Warner Bros.-based Silver Pictures in March as a spec written by F. Scott Frazier.

Affleck just began production this week on 'Argo,' the Iran hostage drama, which will film in Los Angeles and in Istanbul.

Is first-person POV in movies a good thing or a bad thing?

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