I wonder if anyone predicted this? 'Ouija,' an adaptation of the Hasbro board game that was to be produced by Michael Bay and directed by McG, has been put in turnaround by Universal.

This is the fourth Hasbro film that the studio has cut loose recently -- and the second in a month. 'Monopoly,' 'Magic the Gathering' and most recently 'Clue' all got pink slips.

As you'll recall, Universal went game crazy in 2008, signing a deal with Hasbro to adapt such family play staples as 'Candy Land,' 'Stretch Armstrong,' 'Battleship' and the aforementioned 'Monopoly' and 'Clue' (which has already had a previous, God-awful incarnation in 1985).
Bay and McG are shopping the project around to other studios since they already have a script in the works but, according to Vulture, Paramount has already passed on it.

What's the problem here? M-O-N-E-Y. Universal balked at McG's vision of a big-budget Jumanji-like family fantasy film; the studio has already invested a lot of money in next Summer's 'Battleship' and will be paying Taylor Lautner plenty if he ends up plating Stretch Armstrong. Apparently Uni is getting a little worried about its checkbook. They recently cut loose Guillermo del Toro's 'At the Mountains of Madness' and Ron Howard's 'The Dark Tower' project.

By the way, the penalty for dumping 'Ouija' was $5 million. Good Bye.
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