Hot damn, fellas! Finally, at long last, the wait is over to see some actual footage from 'The Hunger Games.' A lot of us have been waiting patiently for this day and, as you may have heard, today is that special day -- as early footage of 'The Hunger Games' is blazing a trail across the Internet in the form of a 15-second promo (for a promo) that will air during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

Given the gravitas that comes with a moment like this, it would be foolish to let it pass undocumented, so I've decided that I will live blog the footage so I can get my initial reactions down. All right, I've got three Diet Mountain Dews at my side, just so I have enough caffeine to make it through this marathon session of footage watching. So, what are we waiting for? Let's do this!
0:01 "Sunday," a man with a great voice says to me. I have no idea what that means at this point, but it's very exciting, yet foreboding. I am convinced that something will happen on Sunday. I trust this man with the great voice.

0:02 I think something is on fire. Though, I find myself transfixed by the flames. When I stare for too long, I think I can make out the shape of Woody Harrelson's head.

0:03 More words! This time, "Don't Miss." What could that mean? Why would I miss something? How does this man with the great voice know about my constant tardiness? Can he see me right now? Can he read my thoughts?

0:04 Something is definitely on fire. Why haven't they shown any 'Hunger Games' footage? Is the footage on fire?

0:05 Now the voice says, "the first exclusive sneak peek." Right. I thought this was the first exclusive sneak peek? Why in the next ten seconds would I look away?

0:07 Yes! Finally. Almost halfway through, 'The Hunger Games' is finally mentioned. Oh, boy -- let's buckle up. We are cleared for takeoff.

0:08 And there's the full 'Hunger Games' symbol. Is this footage? I mean, it is moving. I guess, technically, this is footage?

0:09 OK, here we go. It's Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. And it appears that she's in a wooded area, looking at... something. I mean, we can't see what she is looking at. We can only imagine how exciting it must be, whatever it is.

0:09:04 Bam! Did you see that? Katniss just switched from a slightly crouched position to a more upright, but not fully erect, position. If the rest of the movie is this eventful, we are is store for the ride of the century. Honestly, I can't believe they are showing us a scene that gives away so many plot details. Can't wait to see the next frame!

0:09:08 It appears that Katniss is being attacked by the remnants of Max Headroom's old graphics. Is that who she is looking at? Max Headroom? (Possible spoiler alert.)

0:11 Wait, that's it? One second of real footage?

0:12 I'm having my doubts that Max Headroom is involved in this in any way.

0:14 The shards of Headroom graphics segued into the date in which we can see more footage (I use the word "more" lightly here). Which, I'm told, is Sunday, August 28 -- like the man with the great voice explained to me back when this clip started.

0:15 Well, that's it. I hope everyone is satisfied with their one second of footage from 'The Hunger Games.' What did we learn? We learned that, at one point during 'The Hunger Games,' Jennifer Lawrence will see something and possibly react by standing up. I can only hope that everyone who wasted their precious time on this footage equally enjoyed wasting their time on this live blog.

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